Would you like to get really clear on your ideas?

Spend a day with me in London and enjoy a full day of ideas.  Everyone’s Ideas intensive VIP day will be different, depending on the challenges you’d like to focus on overcoming and the ideas you would like to receive and discuss.  Here is an outline of a possible day with me:

You’ll arrive at an exclusive location in London.

Refreshments will be served and we’ll discuss the outline for the day.

We’ll have a mid-morning break and stop for lunch around 12.30.

Our day will close at 4pm only after we’ve reviewed ideas and selected the best ideas to take forward which feel right for you.

Let's talk investments . . .

How much is an idea worth to you?  The exceptional kind.  The kind that have the power to transform your business . . .  your life?  An idea might look unassuming to begin with, but as we know, sometimes the little things in life can make all the difference.

Imagine discovering a real game-changer.  Ideas which open the door to a new way of doing things.  A different way of getting you the elusive results you’ve been searching for, up until now.

It’s hard to put a price on transformation.  Especially when the efforts of just one powerful idea can last a lifetime – or even create a legacy.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to begin?

Just one ideas session with me could set you in a new direction and help you break through the marketing and business challenges you’ve faced to date.

You’re investing in more.

You’re investing in speed.

And of course, the unlimited potential of ideas to transform your situation.

Basically I’m condensing everything I know, everything I’ve studied and learnt from the world of ideas, marketing, PR, social media and copywriting and making it available to you, so you get everything you need, right now, without having to study for decades and spend every spare moment keeping up-to-date with the latest systems and cutting edge trends.  Couple that with unlimited creativity, an array of ideas to choose from and the chance to see things differently and hopefully you can see the immense value you could receive.  VIP days are all about enabling you, so you can get what you need,  lightning fast, allowing you to take action in the days that follow.

Why do VIP intensives work?

We get uninterrupted focus.  You get the ideas you need most.  We can stay with the process or circle back to it and find new ideas, connections and breakthroughs from this kind of uninterrupted attention.  Single hour sessions rarely provide this opportunity.

Sometimes ideas need time to take flight.  With a VIP day, we get that valuable time to discuss the ideas presented to you, to see how they work together and which will work for you best, depending on what you’d like to achieve most.

Here's what you should do next if you're ready to book a VIP day with me.

Click on this link to contact me, or to arrange a time to discuss further.  I’ll confirm details and we’ll agree a date, time and location for your ideas session.

I can only work with 3 people this month . . . will it be you?