• One of Sarah’s ideas resulted in a boost of sales of over £4,000 within three months.


    Salters Pet Nutrition

  • Sarah came up with some great ideas for us to try and we are excited to start working on them.

    Working with Sarah was very easy. She was friendly and approachable but at the same time professional. Sarah was very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend her to friends/colleagues without hesitation – I look forward to working with her again.


    Further Education College

  • I met Sarah at a time when I had been feeling really de-motivated in my businesses. I had been working for a long time for what felt like not very much response.

    When I sat down with Sarah we talked everything through and she really helped me to re-focus my aim. I found that my motivation sparked from the ideas she had pre-prepared to talk through with me, and it gave me a good kick to find the new drive I needed to push forward. I would highly recommend working with Sarah, her insight is a very valuable tool.


    Aaron Weight Photography

  • Amazing knowledge passed on, using creative ways for interaction!

    Highly recommend if you are looking to enhance marketing knowledge and skills, planning, and best practice to take away to the workplace.  Blue Sky


    Blue Sky Assessing Apprentice

  • I loved your course 10 Strong Headlines. It’s small (which I loved and got through it in a zip) but so jam packed with fantastic tips and most of all I loved the “How To’s”. Loved it.