This Changes Everything. The Power of An Instagram Puzzle.

Introducing the new trend of Instagram puzzles - but what is an Instagram puzzle?  An Instagram Puzzle is a series of images, text, textures and ideas compiled together to form a series of posts creating one big picture. More often than not an Instagram puzzle will tell a story. (more…)

How Brainstorming Can Sap Your Soul — A Rebel’s Guide

How Brainstorming Can Sap Your Soul — A Rebel’s Guide

Brainstorming. A corporate favourite. Celebrated by consultants and revered by management.  A lot of organisations like brainstorming because a collective activity can get people working together and in theory it makes participants “buy in” (more…)

Before You Get Schmoozed by Tech, Read This

Facebook “pauses” bots; Typeform launches an interactive article. It’s been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday.  How do we keep up with the speed of technology (more…)

What Makes the Gig Economy Tick?

"No one will go home and talk badly of me this evening, because I have come here to share ideas and talk sincerely.” Paolo Vendramini said at a recent Fiverr talk (more…)

The Story Behind The Ideas Code

A tale of conspiracy theories, a race to superior learning and creativity and copycats who love the idea of sprinkling their promotions with the word “idea” but who haven't (more…)