I’m Sarah, the Ideas Girl.  I help online entrepreneurs and boutique businesses generate winning ideas on demand without feeling like a worn out machine.

Having the best ideas isn’t about being told what to think.  It’s about uncovering options of how you could think, having the confidence and clarity to pick the best ideas and to take action.  Maybe you’re here because you’re overwhelmed with ideas.  Maybe you’re here because you have a nagging feeling that there’s a better way.  Have you ever felt that there was something more?  That you were meant for something more?

I’m here to help you set your neural pathways to dynamite and unleash your big idea on the world.

To help you achieve clarity and gain confidence so you can make your ideas bigger, bolder, better.  Share with me your toughest challenges and I’ll help you break through to the other side.  I believe ideas connect us.  That energetic, expansive ideas propel us forward.  It’s time to trust your ideas.  It’s time to create.

I used to offer straight up marketing and PR consultancy (you can read more about that adventure here).  I’d spend hours, sometimes days creating options and strategies packed with ideas for my clients to pick and choose from.  It took me forever to realise that the core value I was providing was in my ideas.

People think marketing is easy.  It can be – but when you get stuck or things go wrong it’s often because you were too close to something to see it.  Or, not realising it, there were other ideas which could have delivered greater value.

Working in marketing in the education sector, I’d get frustrated when things were done because they had “always been done that way”.  If you’re not in touch with your ideas and you don’t love what you do then everything feels like hard work.  I believe in results driven marketing and results driven ideas.  Everything slots into place when you gain confidence in your ideas.

There is no rule book.  

By focusing on what you’re trying to achieve and thinking differently, you gain competitive ground and generative innovative, creative, winning ideas with ease.

From working for the BBC, flirting with freelance work, delivering some big projects and consultancy, I’ve helped clients in diverse sectors from property development, engineering and finance to midwifery.  Here’s a brief overview into some of the things I’m working on at the moment . . .

I love writing and have contributed to Huffington Post and write for Social Songbird.  I write feature articles, sales pages, website copy and blog posts (I’ve also done my fair share of ghost writing).  I’m a social media geek so you can find me across most channels.  If you’d like to be the first to hear my news – join the Ideas Rich List.  If you’d like some frivolous fun or are looking for a muse – meet my Ideas Fairy.

I believe one powerful idea can change your world, last a lifetime or even create a legacy.